CRM for Startup in 2019

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The first few years of any startups are considered really crucial period which is really important for success in the years to come. But many startups do not recognize the importance of having a startup CRM in place that would automate most of the business functions.

For any startup to stay on top and move fast, sales rep needs a single tool which actually saves them more time for selling. A Sales CRM is the solution. It helps you to send and track all of your emails, generate report, stores all your contacts & lets you make calls.

What should I consider when selecting a Sales CRM?


 Is it Simple?


An intuitive & easy to use design is a good sign in a CRM. If your reps can find the information quicker that’s an indicator of a simple CRM system



      Is it Affordable?


Always watch out for hidden costs. If there is a free version available, give it a try!


 Premise vs Cloud?

Cloud CRM provides real-time access to data from any device, anytime! Cloud is becoming the #1 choice with adoption rates reaching 88% in 2019.


Introducing iCRM

iEnterprise CRM (iCRM) is a cloud based startup CRM solution that is built specifically for small and medium sized businesses. It is a highly configurable multi-user system that can be used by your entire organization to manage your salesforce and maximize sales.

Top iCRM features your Startup can use right away

  • Lead Management

In iCRM, you can view details and monitor activities for a specific contact, company, lead, opportunity, project, campaign or event. You can also track and log all point-of-sales prospect interactions such as sales calls, emails, meetings and other calendar entries. 

Learn more about Leads Management

  • Pipeline Management

You can easily Create activity or call reports; pull sales or support data in a few clicks. Also lets you analyze sales trends, project revenue over any period of time, and better manage the entire sales cycle.

Learn more about Pipeline Management

  • Contact Management

You can get a complete view of all interactions with a client or contacts. Also communicate with clients and contacts on an ongoing basis. Moreover it even lets you capture and share client and contact information within company.

Learn more about Contact Management


 Begin your startup with iCRM. Learn More.

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  1. I agree with you – CRM Software allows you to close more leads in less time with features like data entry automation, smart analytics and business insights etc. And as your business grows, you need tools that help you scale outreach and sales development.

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